Shri Ram College of Commerce

The prestigious Shri Ram College of Commerce in Delhi, India is home to 180 Degrees Consulting SRCC, a division of the international consultancy 180 Degrees Consulting. It has dedicated itself to offering pro bono consulting services to non-profit organisations and socially conscious businesses in the Delhi region. Founded in 2017, 180DC SRCC is made up of a committed team of over 200 consultants and a large alumni network that seek to have a positive social impact through their consulting work. The branch has completed over 20 projects for customers since its founding, influencing over 200,000 lives in fields like education, healthcare, and social entrepreneurship. The branch aspires to have a positive social impact by fostering social entrepreneurship and contributing to build a socially responsible business ecosystem.

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Skill Specialization

The departmental structure of 180 Degrees Consulting, SRCC lays emphasis on extensive division of work by relying on a triple departmental structure i.e. there are 3 SDGs: Research and Analysis Department: Vested with research and analytics responsibilities, the vision of the SDG is to emphasize and promote the research aspect as a core ingredient of impactful consulting. Its offerings include developing reports after thorough industrial and economic studies, bringing collaborations on board to amplify the credibility of the composition, building real time innovative solutions for issues that concern businesses and the society at large, the conduct of 180 Pulse, a platform for young minds to put forward their opinions, imparting training to Junior Consultants and finally, organizing the Research Convention to bring together stalwarts in the field of research. Case Library and Resources: Delving deeper into the core competencies of consulting, CLR aims to establish a comprehensive and exhaustive resource library, the first of its kind at an undergraduate level consisting of resources like Case Interview Guide, Case Competition Guide, Industry Snapshots, frameworks, guesstimates and cases, pivoting to different platforms like YouTube, Spotify alongside.. Public Relations and Partnerships: The representative face of 180 DC, SRCC, this SDG handles the sole responsibility of developing and enhancing external stakeholders and management. The department curates content for social media platforms to boost stakeholder engagement. It is responsible for looking after national and international client and mentor acquisition as well as the onboarding process, which are vital to the core work of the organization. Given the different responsibilities handled by each of the 3 SDGs separately, 180DC achieves minimal duplication and overlapping of efforts through specialization, time management, coordination and economies of scale.


Corporate Networking

180DC, SRCC over the years has organized multiple consulting events including Case 180, Research Convention, Networking Mixer, Case Competition Guide launch, Global Consulting Bootcamp, and International Consulting Summit. These events gave its members the opportunity to interact with the future consultants of the world and coordinate with each other in consulting related events like case study competitions, guesstimate battles, research competitions, etc. 180DC, SRCC has worked with numerous startups on various consultancy projects. These projects gave the students an opportunity to get hands-on experience with corporate clients and solve real-world problems. It enabled the members of the society to test their theoretical knowledge of consulting and get exposure to the challenges and working of the corporate world.


Social Impact

The primary aim of 180DC, SRCC, is to create a social impact in our community. Our organization provides consulting services to non-profit and non-governmental organizations to help them achieve their social impact goals. This includes developing strategies, conducting research, analyzing the competitors in the market, providing recommendations for improving operations, creating marketing strategies, and raising funds. By leveraging the skills and knowledge of our consultants, we help NGOs to become more efficient and effective in achieving their social impact objectives. 180DC, SRCC has worked with numerous social organizations including Kine Sanctuary, India Road Safety Campaign, Femev, Ublood, etc. These projects address a wide variety of social topics such as healthcare, menstrual hygiene, infrastructure development, environment conservation, education, and much more.


Contact details

University of Delhi, Maurice Nagar, Roop Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110007

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Leadership Team

Kavya Aggarwal


Rishabh Luthra


Manya Bagla

Chief Secretary

Suhani Jain

Chief Secretary


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