Market Assessment

How we can support your organisation

When considering expansion into a new country or region, we provide local knowledge combined with sophisticated research and modelling techniques to offer unparalleled insights. Our approach involves analysing local and global landscapes to understand how to gain a competitive edge over competitors or successfully expand into new markets. We assist with market sizing, customer segmentation, competitive analysis, and identifying local partners, suppliers, and regulatory requirements to ensure a smooth and successful market entry.

Similarly, if you are considering making a significant investment to grow the reach and impact of your organisation, we provide due diligence support to help build a business case and model the potential ROI of significant transformation. We analyse your current business model, identify areas for growth, and provide recommendations for optimising your operations, improving efficiency, and enhancing profitability. We also assist with developing strategic partnerships and identifying potential funding sources to support your growth initiatives.

Expansion Strategy

We conduct an in-depth analysis of the country or region you are considering for expansion. We examine factors such as political stability, economic growth potential, cultural and social factors, and legal and regulatory environments to understand the opportunities and challenges in the market.

We work with you to identify the core strengths and capabilities that have led to your current success and examine how they can be leveraged in the new market.

We evaluate the current market and assess the potential demand for your products or services in the new market. This includes conducting a competitive analysis and identifying any gaps in the market that your organisation can fill.

We examine different market entry options such as partnerships, acquisitions, or establishing a new entity. We provide you with the pros and cons of each option and recommend the most viable approach for your organisation.

Competitor Analysis

We identify your competitors and create comprehensive profiles that include information such as their business model, target audience, pricing strategy, strengths, and weaknesses.

We conduct an in-depth analysis of the competitive landscape to identify trends, opportunities, and threats. This includes analysing market share, growth rate, customer preferences, and key success factors.

We analyse the unique value proposition of your competitors and identify the white-space areas of opportunity that your organisation can capitalise on. We provide you with actionable insights to help you differentiate your organisation from the competition.

Investment feasibility

We help you assess the feasibility of investment opportunities, whether it's a new project, product or expansion.

We provide a comprehensive analysis of the potential returns on investment, as well as any potential risks or challenges.

We conduct thorough due diligence to ensure that the investment aligns with your organisation's values and goals, and that you have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Latest Case Studies


“The report was simply excellent, with astonishing depth and detail that supported our product launch.”

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Teach For Malaysia

“Our overall experience has been amazing. Their commitment, depth of research and friendliness meant we were able to implement their recommendations. I will recommend 180DC to other organisations and look forward to more engagements in the future.”

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“A phenomenal experience. The quality of McKinsey or BCG without the price tag. An incredible project.”

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The Process

180 Degrees Consulting helps organisations scale their impact through the projects we deliver across our service offerings. The 180DC Global Leadership Team works to manage and allocate projects to our global network of consultants. This empowers branches to scale up and work on exciting projects with clients ranging from multi-national charities to social enterprise start-ups. Our process is as follows:


Express your interest to work with 180 Degrees Consulting

Are you interested in partnering with 180 Degrees Consulting for strategic and operational support? Complete our simple application form and we will assess it promptly, getting back to you to discuss next steps.


Project Scoping

Our team will work with you to define project deliverables and timelines that match your expectations and our capabilities. We strive to ensure equal contributions from all parties involved in the project.


Project Tendering & Allocation

We welcome your preferences for a specific branch based on location or past project experience. Alternatively, we evaluate the availability of multiple branches through a customised application process and allocate the most suitable team for the project.


Project Kick-Off

Once the branch is finalised and payment terms are agreed upon, the team will schedule a meet and greet with you to officially begin the project.


Client & Branch Support through the Project

To ensure transparency and constant feedback, we recommend weekly or bi-weekly review meetings between you and the branch. Our team is always available to support you and ensure the success of the project.

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