Digital Transformation

How we can support your organisation

At 180 Degrees Consulting, we specialise in helping socially conscious organisations capitalise on the benefits of digital transformation. Our team of experts provides sustainable and scalable solutions to enhance your organisation's strengths and address pain points.

We understand that digital transformation can be a complex process, but our team has the experience and expertise to guide you through it seamlessly. Our services range from digital strategy development, process automation and data insights, among others.

We take a holistic approach to digital transformation, combining our expertise in technology, strategy, and social impact to deliver measurable results. Our team has worked with top organisations in the non-profit and social enterprise sectors, and we are committed to delivering the same level of quality and professionalism to all our clients.

Process automation

Assessment and planning:

We conduct a thorough assessment of your existing processes to identify areas for automation and improvement. We then work with you to create a detailed plan to automate those processes, ensuring that the solutions we provide are tailored to your specific needs.

Technology implementation:

We help you introduce new technology to automate your processes, including project management tools, process mapping software, and data management platforms.

Change management:

We support you throughout the implementation process, ensuring that your team is fully equipped to use the new technology and that any potential roadblocks are addressed.

Digital strategy development

Requirements definition:

We work with you to define your key requirements, including what you need the technology to do, your current pain points, and what sets you apart from other socially conscious organisations.

Market review:

We perform a comprehensive market review to identify potential technology solutions that meet your requirements, taking into account integration needs and your ability to support the application.

Supplier shortlist and selection:

We draw up a short list of potential suppliers and help you to select the right technologies for your organisation, ensuring that you have the support and guidance you need throughout the process.

Data visualisation and insights

Customised visualisation solutions:

We work with you to develop customised visualisations that capture attention and provide clear, accurate information to your teams. Whether you need interactive dashboards or static reports, we can help you create the visualisations that meet your needs.

Insight generation:

We use data analysis tools and techniques to generate actionable insights that inform operational and strategic decision making. Our team can help you identify trends, uncover hidden patterns, and make data-driven decisions that drive meaningful impact.

Behaviour change campaigns:

We can also help you create behaviour change campaigns that motivate action and drive impact. Our team has experience in developing campaigns that leverage data and insights to create targeted, effective messaging that resonates with your audience.

Latest Case Studies

Seaside Scavenge

"Provided expertise and enthusiasm in a field which our organisation lacks the skills in, resulting in a great outcome for our NGO"

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Sydney Film Festival

“Consummate professionals, unflappable faced with challenging questions or changing expectations. They communicated complex information very effectively.”

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“The team has been very professional and proactive in making volunteers feel comfortable with the IT implementation of the warehouse management system”

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The Process

180 Degrees Consulting helps organisations scale their impact through the projects we deliver across our service offerings. The 180DC Global Leadership Team works to manage and allocate projects to our global network of consultants. This empowers branches to scale up and work on exciting projects with clients ranging from multi-national charities to social enterprise start-ups. Our process is as follows:


Express your interest to work with 180 Degrees Consulting

Are you interested in partnering with 180 Degrees Consulting for strategic and operational support? Complete our simple application form and we will assess it promptly, getting back to you to discuss next steps.


Project Scoping

Our team will work with you to define project deliverables and timelines that match your expectations and our capabilities. We strive to ensure equal contributions from all parties involved in the project.


Project Tendering & Allocation

We welcome your preferences for a specific branch based on location or past project experience. Alternatively, we evaluate the availability of multiple branches through a customised application process and allocate the most suitable team for the project.


Project Kick-Off

Once the branch is finalised and payment terms are agreed upon, the team will schedule a meet and greet with you to officially begin the project.


Client & Branch Support through the Project

To ensure transparency and constant feedback, we recommend weekly or bi-weekly review meetings between you and the branch. Our team is always available to support you and ensure the success of the project.

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