Global Awards

The Global Awards are an annual program organised by the Global Programs Team at 180DC which aim to recognise, congratulate, and reward the impactful work done by branch members to share & celebrate the global impact. By celebrating outstanding work together, we hope that we can further encourage our community to perform at its best.

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Types of Global Awards

Participation in the Global Awards

Who Can Take Part?

Any and all active 180DC branches are eligible to participate in the Global Awards..

How can you take part?

The annual Global Awards will kickstart globally latest by June and will conclude by December of the same year. Each branch will receive a formal email inviting them to participate in the Global Awards. The process for applying is simple, all you are required to do is submit an application form that will help us understand and evaluate your branch's performance in the previous year(s).

Global Awards 2024

We will be releasing more information surrounding the timeline, structure, application and evaluation process for the Global Awards 2024 very soon. Follow our socials for regular updates.

Resources and Previous Editions

You can read about the previous editions of the Global Awards here - 2023, 2022
If you have any questions check out our FAQs here.
Browse our detailed deck for an overview of the timeline, structure and design of the 2024 Global Awards.

Contact Us

If you have any queries or doubts regarding the Global Awards please feel free to drop an email to us at 
If you might be interested in exploring potential partnership opportunities with the Global Programs team please feel free to drop an expression of interest email to