Financial Sustainability

How we can support your organisation

At 180 Degrees Consulting, we help organisations to manage their budget and funds effectively to secure grants and loans. Our team has extensive experience in financial management and works closely with social impact organisations to develop fundraising strategies that support their growth and development. We can also provide support to charities or social enterprises that sell products or services by conducting thorough assessments of their offerings and developing effective pricing strategies that maximise their revenue stream. Our goal is to help organisations achieve financial sustainability and long-term success through sound financial management practices. Our financial sustainability services include: strategic partnerships and grants, fundraising strategy, pricing strategy, offering assessment, among others.

Strategic Partnerships & Grants

We conduct a comprehensive analysis of your current partnerships and grants to determine their effectiveness and alignment with your organisation's goals. This helps identify areas for improvement and opportunities for growth.

We help identify potential partners whose values and skills align with your organisation's mission and goals. By forming strategic partnerships with these organisations, you leverage their expertise and resources to enhance your impact.

We analyse potential grants that are applicable to your organisation's circumstances and provide recommendations on how to secure them successfully. This includes assessing eligibility criteria, developing a compelling proposal, and ensuring compliance with application requirements.

Fundraising Strategy

We take a deep dive into your organisation's mission and current events and programs to get a better understanding of your goals and objectives.

We analyse the effectiveness of your current fundraising efforts and propose new events and campaigns that align with your organisation's mission and values.

We develop templates and guidelines that can be used for future fundraising events, reducing the workload for your staff.

We help you identify digital fundraising methods that align with your organisation's goals and values, including online donation portals, social media campaigns, and email marketing strategies.

Offering Assessment

We conduct a thorough analysis of your current offerings and assess their appeal to your target market. This includes examining the features, benefits, pricing, and packaging of your offerings.

We evaluate the effectiveness of your offerings in meeting your organisation's mission and values. This includes reviewing how well your offerings align with your organisation's goals and values, and whether they effectively communicate your message to your target audience.

We provide recommendations for alternative product or service offerings that may better align with your mission and appeal to your target market. We work closely with your team to ensure that any changes are implemented smoothly and effectively.

Pricing Strategy

We perform a comprehensive analysis of the competitive landscape and industry trends to ensure that your pricing strategy is aligned with your marketing strategy and targets the right consumer segments.

We use financial modelling to develop a dynamic and segmented pricing strategy that takes into account the costs of production of your product or service. This helps you to maximise your revenue while ensuring that your pricing remains competitive and affordable.

We also help you design the right promotions and discounts that will resonate with your target market and maximise your return on investment. We provide guidance on how to leverage promotional tools like coupons, referral programs, and seasonal discounts to increase sales and drive growth.

Latest Case Studies


“The 180DC team are professionals at their jobs. At first, I thought that young university students would not be able to deliver such solutions. Their report reminds me of the work of ‘The Big 3’ consulting firms!”

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Sony Foundation Australia

“The team were exceptional.The research, analysis and insights have been extremely helpful so we can cherry pick what we think would work in our real world of implementation. This would be time consuming for us, and something we often don't get enough headspace to do, so it's been extremely valuable.”

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Support Ethiopia

“We are simply stunned by the level of professionalism on which the consultants operated. A thorough analysis leading to highly valuable measures and detailed instructions on how to implement them. We would definitely recommend 180DC!”

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Movember Foundation

“Working with 180DC has been a great experience. The team was efficient, thorough and very professional. An extremely high standard for a student venture, well exceeding my expectations. From weekly status reports to a mid project brainstorm session,180DC provided regular opportunities to ensure we were staying in line with overall aims and hitting objectives.”

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The Process

180 Degrees Consulting helps organisations scale their impact through the projects we deliver across our service offerings. The 180DC Global Leadership Team works to manage and allocate projects to our global network of consultants. This empowers branches to scale up and work on exciting projects with clients ranging from multi-national charities to social enterprise start-ups. Our process is as follows:


Express your interest to work with 180 Degrees Consulting

Are you interested in partnering with 180 Degrees Consulting for strategic and operational support? Complete our simple application form and we will assess it promptly, getting back to you to discuss next steps.


Project Scoping

Our team will work with you to define project deliverables and timelines that match your expectations and our capabilities. We strive to ensure equal contributions from all parties involved in the project.


Project Tendering & Allocation

We welcome your preferences for a specific branch based on location or past project experience. Alternatively, we evaluate the availability of multiple branches through a customised application process and allocate the most suitable team for the project.


Project Kick-Off

Once the branch is finalised and payment terms are agreed upon, the team will schedule a meet and greet with you to officially begin the project.


Client & Branch Support through the Project

To ensure transparency and constant feedback, we recommend weekly or bi-weekly review meetings between you and the branch. Our team is always available to support you and ensure the success of the project.

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