Our Partners

180 Degrees Consulting is proud to partners with consulting and corporate organisations at a global level to provide support and opportunities to our consultants.

Our Partnership Offering

We partner with a wide-variety of organisations, ranging from consulting firms and corporates to recruitment agencies. We focus on ensuring our partnerships are tailored to your organisation’s priorities, with frequent offerings including recruitment support, mentorship opportunities and brand exposure. Through a partnership with 180DC you can expand your social impact and grow your CSR footprint. 

Why should you get involved?


Access to our Talent Network

The opportunity to strategically target 180DC branches according to your organisation’s recruitment needs in an efficient way, by locally coaching projects and hosting networking events.


Brand Exposure

The organisation of international, cross-branch events such as webinars, case workshops, training and bootcamps, offering valuable branding and networking opportunities. Opportunity for marketing initiatives with access to a highly developed, global marketing network that offers mutually beneficial growth opportunities.


Make a Concrete Social Impact

Grow CSR footprint on a global scale and create awareness of your support aligned to social causes that align to your CSR strategy.


Professional Development Opportunities

Offer valuable coaching opportunities to junior consultants. Employ project mentoring workshops and networking events as valuable opportunities for the development of junior employees at your organisation. Project coaching and mentoring to student consultants during project cycles on areas of expertise.

Meet our partners

Sia Partners

Sia Partners is a next-generation global management consulting firm specialised in strategy, business transformation, IT & digital strategy, and data science. Sia partners with 180DC by providing mentorship to our network of branches across the world, supporting branches in ensuring high-quality output is delivered to our clients.

Compass Lexecon

As one of the world's leading economic consulting firms,Compass Lexecon works with law firms, corporations, and governments providing critical insight in legal and regulatory proceedings, strategic decisions, and public policy debates. Compass Lexecon partners with 180DC by providing mentorship support to our network of branches worldwide and sponsoring 180DC’s Summits, Global Awards and Events.


monday.com is a work OS that powers teams to run processes, projects and everyday work, their way. monday.com generously provides their enterprise-level product to our Global Leadership Team and branch network free of charge. Automations, integrations and the flexibility of monday Work OS has enabled us to establish efficient and scalable business processes, and is a key enabler for our global operations. Together with monday.com, we are amplifying our social impact.


DataCamp is a market-leading provider of online data analytics and coding training spanning all aspects of the analytics value chain. DataCamp generously provides full featured licenses of their product to our Global Leadership Team through the ‘DataCamp Donates’ program. This empowers us to use analytics in organizational decision making, gauge and amplify our social impact and build digitally literate future social impact leaders.

Trust Law

TrustLaw is the Thomson Reuters Foundation’s global pro bono legal programme. TrustLaw provides legal support to 180 Degrees in a number of areas, including intellectual property.

Become a 180DC Partner

If you’re interested in exploring partnership opportunities with us, we would love to hear from you. Reach out using the link below, and we will get in touch to discuss the ways in which we can work together.


Get in touch

Fill out expression of interest form or reach out via email to rcoimbra@180dc.org


Discuss partnership opportunities

We will schedule a call to discuss partnership opportunities and offerings, and determine the scope of partnership.


Partnership agreement

Sign a partnership agreement with us - we’d be glad to onboard you as an official 180DC Partner!

Partner with 180DC

Use the link below to get in touch and one of our team will reach out to you to discuss partnership opportunities.

Become A Partner

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the scope of the partnership decided?

We have a series of partnership packages that can be adapted depending on partner needs.

How long is the partnership?

The length of the partnership is flexible, usually with a minimum length of 6-months and no maximum length, with the flexibility of renewing agreements

Do I have to pay?

A financial contribution is required, varying depending on the scope of the partnership. Given that 180DC is an NGO, the contribution goes towards the running of operations and branch support.

What is included within the partnership agreement?

The partnership agreement includes the partnership objectives, the parties’ responsibilities, partnership length, financial contribution, and any other specific details of the partnership

Is the document we sign legally binding?

The document signed is a Memorandum of Understand which isn’t legally binding. The purpose of the agreement is to set expectations to ensure the partnership adds value to all parties involved.

What marketing initiatives can be included in the partnership?

Marketing initiatives involve sharing of social media posts on both the 180DC global handles and local branch’s individual accounts, Partner’s logos listed on the 180DC website and Annual Impact Reports, and many more, tailored to the Partner. The Partner is also expected to list 180DC as their Partner, on all applicable platforms subject to the agreement.

How does the mentorship scheme work?

Mentorship is provided by cycles, which are usually defined by university semesters. The partner works directly with a specific branch for the duration of the cycle, communicating with the branch both via email and call. Partners can mentor more than one project per cycle, and this can be with the same branch or a series of different branches.

Do I get to choose which branches I work with?

Partners have an input on which branches they can work with, by expressing interest on specific regions or even on a single branch, which are then taken into consideration during branch allocation.