Who We Are

180 Degrees Consulting offers high-quality consulting services without the premium price tag. Our team comprises of carefully selected top-tier university students who volunteer their time because they share our vision and values. We partner with non-profits and social enterprises to provide innovative, practical, and sustainable solutions to the challenges they face.

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Our Mission

To empower non-profits and social enterprises to achieve their full potential. We are dedicated to providing affordable and high-quality strategic and operational assistance that enables our clients to create meaningful impact in their communities.

We are, furthermore, committed to nurturing the next generation of social impact leaders by offering our consultants valuable opportunities for professional development and hands-on experience in the field of consulting and social entrepreneurship.

Why are we called 180 Degrees? It’s because we work to turn good organisations into great organisations, challenges into opportunities.
Nat Ware (Founder & Chairman of Board)

Why 180 Degrees Consulting?

At 180 Degrees Consulting, we offer a mutually beneficial consulting service to our clients and consultants alike. We connect the untapped capabilities of top university students around the globe to socially-conscious organisations to fulfil their unmet needs.

There is no shortage of organisations that desire to improve the state of the world. However, many organisations struggle to reach their full potential due to limited resources, time, staff, or money. 

Working with 180 Degrees Consulting as a client, you will receive custom solutions tailored to the problems you may be facing throughout your business for a fraction of the cost usually associated with consulting services.

As a consultant at 180 Degrees Consulting, you will gain invaluable work experience and access professional training and leadership development opportunities. You will also have the privilege of first-hand exposure to local and international non-profits and social enterprises, allowing you to make a tangible difference in the world.

Our History

2007 - 180 Degrees Consulting is born

Nat Ware founded 180 Degrees Consulting at the University of Sydney in Australia after undertaking charitable work in Mozambique. He realised that the effectiveness of funds is even more important than the level of funds, yet most non-profit organisations and social enterprises do not have access to affordable high-quality consulting services. At the same time, Nat realised that talented university students have more to offer than simply collecting money or raising awareness.

2011 - 180 Degrees Consulting goes global

Exchange students from Mexico and Sweden, after completing their study abroad at the University of Sydney, found the first branches outside of Australia in Mexico City and Stockholm, respectively.

2018 - Our 100th branch is established

After a decade of impact, the 100th branch of 180 Degrees Consulting is established, expanding the impact of our organisation across 20 countries and 4 continents.

Our Values

Method trumps money

We prioritise effective and efficient problem-solving methods over financial resources.

Prioritising innovative,
practical and sustainable solutions

We focus on finding creative and sustainable solutions that address the root causes of social challenges.

Turning ideas into reality

We strive to turn ideas and aspirations into tangible, measurable outcomes that create real impact.

Turning challenges into opportunities

We view challenges as opportunities for growth and learning, and approach them with a positive, solutions-focused mindset.

Focus on positive transformation

We are committed to creating positive change and transforming communities, organisations, and individuals for the better.

Our Team

The Global Leadership Team is the body that leads and manages the work of 180 Degrees Consulting around the world. This includes supporting existing 180 Degrees branches, helping new branches get established, facilitating collaboration between branches, ensuring consulting quality control, measuring the social impact of 180 Degrees worldwide, and making crucial strategic decisions about the future of the organisation.

If you are interested in the Leadership Team of a branch of 180 Degrees Consulting, you can search for them in our Branch Network.

Board of Directors

Kim Brander

Board Director

Mishka Nikolas

Board Director

Nat Ware

Founder and Chairman of the Board

Executive Leadership Team

Angelina Lau

Chief Finance & Compliance Officer

Bettina Spiegel

Chief Operations Officer

Chris Garner

Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Mark Papinczak

Chief Digital Officer

Nick Charinos

Chief Executive Officer

Rita Coimbra

Chief External Relations Officer

Xavier Thomas

Chief People & Culture Officer

Team Leads

Abhishek Jain

Senior Global Programs Lead

Aman Singh

Partnerships Lead

Divyam Goyal

Senior APAC Branch Support & Collaboration Lead

Ishaan Mathur

Learning & Development Lead

Manvi Laddha

Senior Communications Lead

Nikolaus Stern

Senior EMEA & AMER Branch Support & Collaboration Lead

Oliver Meade

Business Development Lead

Varaidzo Ndebele

Chief of Staff

Veronika Xaviera

Senior Branch Growth Lead

Our Branch Network

Are you a student interested in joining 180 Degrees Consulting to gain valuable consulting and communication skills while making a tangible social impact? Explore our global branch network, find a branch in your city and read more about how to apply and be part of our organisation.

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Are you interested in solving real problems faced by charities and non-profits in your region, fostering a generation of socially-minded young leaders at your university, and developing your leadership and organisational skills in a meaningful way? Find out more about the process to start a 180DC branch at your university!

2023 Impact Report

We are very proud to publish 180 Degrees Consulting’s 2023 Impact Report – in a year where we have pushed our boundaries and accomplished great things our teams worked tirelessly to ensure the success of over 800 projects, and with over 78000 student volunteers engaging in our work across 34 countries!

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