Welcome to 180 Degrees Consulting Valencia, the first branch of 180 Degrees Consulting in Valencia founded and formed by university students who lead, advise, create and manage the best solutions for each of the challenges of the Valencian non-profit organizations with which we collaborate. We not only focus on improving their performance and offering them financial sustainability, but our mission goes beyond that: we aim to collaborate in the creation of a real and positive social impact, both in the "terreta valenciana" and in the rest of the world.

Benefits to joining this branch


Take the leap into the professional world

We offer you the opportunity to take your first steps in the professional world or to continue gaining experience in it. At 180 Degrees Consulting Valencia you will have the opportunity to lead and manage projects, taking on responsibilities as a professional consultant.


Practice Networking

Are you looking to establish professional contacts for the future? We give you that opportunity! As a member of our 180DC branch, you will have the possibility to make connections with companies and organizations of national and international scope and with other students belonging to the consultancy.


Create a positive social impact

Thanks to our low-cost consulting services, we help the NGOs we collaborate with to overcome their challenges, maximizing their social impact. In this way, we do our part in creating positive change in our community and beyond.


Develop professional skills

At 180 Degrees Consulting Valencia you will have the opportunity to develop new skills and techniques that can be useful in your professional future, such as communication skills, counselling, problem solving, use of technological tools...

Contact details

Camino de Vera, s/n Edificio 4K, 46022 Valencia

Latest Case Studies

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Leadership Team

Eugenia Omarrementería


Sofía Casino


Juan Martí

Legal Director

Alejandra Reig

Outreach Director

Candela Payá

Marketing Director

Ana Alonso

Partnership & Finance Director

Javier Reig

HR Director

María López

Consulting Director


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