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Welcome to the page of our Amsterdam branch ! At 180DC Amsterdam, we strive to create a community of like-minded individuals that focus on ethics and hold themselves to a high moral standard, while creating impact and providing students with consulting opportunities to grow in this field. For the past four years since our creation, we have not stopped growing, learning and widening the scope of our projects and clients. We see our newness as an opportunity to take the 180 Degrees Consulting brand further, to work in more sectors of social impact, help more clients and establish a name for ourselves in the Amsterdam consultancy-realm while pushing for a more sustainable approach. Finally, at 180 Degrees Consulting Amsterdam we look for consultants from all around the Amsterdam area, all backgrounds and study fields but who share the common desire to help make the world a better place. We believe that passion cannot be taught whilst other consultancy-related skills can be developed through the numerous trainings we provide. Through the diversity in background of our members, we are able to come up with more creative decisions to best help our clients and provide valuable solutions they had yet to think of.

Benefits to joining this branch


Developing consultancy skills

Whether you join solely for the social impact aspect, because you are interested in consultancy and want to develop your skills or are curious about what consultancy is, there is a place for you at 180 Degrees Consulting Amsterdam! When you onboard for a cycle with 180DC Amsterdam, you are handed a real-life client with a real-life problem they need help solving. This means you immediately gain practical consultancy experience and get a glimpse into this field, what steps there are to a consultancy project, the challenges that may arise and how you go about consulting. However, we do not throw you in the deep-end of consultancy without prior training. Our cycles are tailored to give you crash courses on the different aspects of consultancy; analysing and defining the problem, doing research, holding a client meeting, presenting and finally working on your deliverable. This means that regardless of your experience with consultancy you will always learn something new during our trainings or get the opportunity to converse with experts in the field. Finally, throughout the cycle you are guided and assisted by our amazing Consulting Directors who both have prior experience in consultancy and can therefore share tips and tricks they have learned along the way, brainstorm new decisions with you or simply be a reassuring presence throughout the cycle whenever you have a question. We can assure you that at the end of a cycle with 180DC Amsterdam, you will have gained new skills, knowledge and practical experience within this widely coveted field of work.


Learning about the inner-workings of NGOs and social organisations

180 Degrees Consulting Amsterdam exclusively offers its services to NGOs, not-for-profit organisations or social entreprises. Thus, by being a consultant for 180DC Amsterdam you gain access to this world of social-impact organisations and learn more about the challenges they face, their inner-workings and converse directly with professionals in the field. By doing a consultancy cycle at 180DC Amsterdam you are able to get a more concrete understanding of how the non-for-profit and social-impact sectors work, developing a better understanding of what it takes to work in this field; what education you should have and experience you need to gain. Thus, 180DC Amsterdam can be a stepping-stone to starting your career. On the other hand, this consultancy experience can also teach you more about what problems the social-impact sector faces, what are the short-comings of today's politics and governmental systems which hamper the work on non-for-profits. Giving you insider-knowledge on the problems, the potential solutions and therefore what would need to change in our governance to remedy them. Finally, consulting for an organisation in the non-for-profit or social-impact sector could also bring you more clarity what you want to do as a career. It could help you understand, and see, whether this sector is one in which you could thrive or whether you still need to keep looking to find your domain. All-in-all, if the work of NGOs, social organisations and non-for-profits interests you, do not hold back and join 180DC Amsterdam as a consultant for a cycle to satisfy your curiosity and bring answers to all those questions you may have!


Meeting passionate, driven and new students from all around Amsterdam

180 Degrees Consulting Amsterdam prides itself on bringing together students from different universities, different study-fields and different backgrounds. Joining the organisation presents itself as a unique opportunity to meet students from all around the Amsterdam area with whom you would not have interacted otherwise. On top of that, all members of 180DC Amsterdam are passionate about social impact and want to better the world. Thus, by deciding to join our organisation you will interact with students with a similar drive, interests and passions and will therefore become part of a welcoming, motivating and value-driven community all whilst having a positive social impact. Finally, 180DC Amsterdam presents itself as an opportunity to step out of your comfort zone, to work in a team of diverse individuals with whom you have never interacted before-hand. It is the perfect opportunity to test out your leadership, communication and team-work skills and see how you are able to remain open-minded and find creative ways to accommodate everyone's ways of working to use all your skills and differences to an advantage and bring the project to its term. Thus, if you wish to meet new people who share your values and interest, want to step out of your comfort zone and/or test out your communication and team-work skills. Join us at 180DC Amsterdam!


Donating your time to help an actual cause

Finally, but certainly not least, volunteering for 180DC Amsterdam means giving your time to a real cause, and actually providing help to those on the ground working to make the earth safer, fairer and healthier. The projects you work on at 180 Degrees Consulting Amsterdam have been hand-picked by our Executive Board so as to ensure that the work you are doing, the advice you are providing and time you are spending will actually go to helping an organisation who has the need for this and is motivated to work with young enthusiastic students. Furthermore, because most of the organisations 180DC Amsterdam works with are small and still on the rise, you often have direct contact with the executive team, can dialogue consistently throughout the project to ensure you are doing what they want/need and finally are able to see the impact you work has on the organisation. Thus, you are able to see first-hand the worth in your work and the satisfaction of the clients. To conclude, a cycle at 180DC Amsterdam is extremely rewarding. A consultancy cycle at 180DC Amsterdam remains a human experience, one where you help other passionate individuals reach their goals, further their business by donating a few hours of your week. So, if you want to have an impact and help these incredible organisations continue their work, do not hesitate and join us!

Contact details

Nieuwe Achtergracht 170, 1018 WV Amsterdam

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Leadership Team

Tiana Or Gordon


Alicea Bain

Vice President

Ishanvi Goyal

Consulting Director

Inès Doumandji

Consulting Director

Riccardo Buondonno

External Relations Director

Teodora Selesiu

Financial Director

Nicole Leonetti

Human Resources Director

Vidhi Khandelwal

Marketing Director


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