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Join the vibrant spirit of 180DC Bilkent Branch as we embark on our journey since September 2021! Our mission is to blend the robust student and academic network of Bilkent University with the global expertise of 180 Degrees Consulting, all to amplify the positive impact on socially focused organizations. Immerse yourself in our diverse range of consultancy services, spanning from marketing, financial sustainability, digitalization, to strategy, tailored for every phase of the business cycle. We thrive on collaborating with NGOs and socially conscious start-ups, bringing their visions to life! Don't miss out on the excitement! Connect with us on Linkedin and Instagram, and stay tuned for our upcoming project sessions. Be a part of the transformative change we create together!

Benefits to joining this branch


Gain Hands-on Experience

Stepping into 180 Degrees Consulting at Bilkent is like fast-tracking your consulting career. It catapults you into the dynamic world of management consulting, allowing you to directly influence the trajectories of real NGOs and startups in Turkey. Instead of abstract case studies, you'll be solving actual business challenges, shaping strategies, and delivering impactful solutions. Every project immerses you in unique business landscapes, fostering a depth of understanding not found in textbooks. As a part of 180DC Bilkent, you'll gain more than just a CV line – you'll acquire invaluable practical experience and confidence. This isn't just an opportunity, it's a career game-changer, propelling you into the future equipped with unrivaled insights and skills.


Develop Your Skills

In the Bilkent branch of 180 Degrees Consulting, the growth you'll experience is nothing short of transformative. With mentoring sessions from accomplished consultants at Bain & Company, you're not just learning – you're mastering the art and science of consulting. This is your unique opportunity to gain insights from some of the best minds in the industry. These mentors guide you, providing real-world perspectives and strategies that elevate your understanding of the consulting field. You'll refine essential soft skills like communication, teamwork, and leadership, becoming more articulate, collaborative, and effective in driving results. But it doesn't stop there. The mentoring sessions also help you develop hard skills in problem-solving and strategic planning, bridging the gap between academia and industry. This is about growing professionally and personally, turning you into a well-rounded consultant ready to make a difference. At 180DC Bilkent, you'll get more than a mentor – you'll gain a roadmap to success in the consulting world.


Career Opportunities

The experience gained through 180 Degrees Consulting is not only rewarding - it's a highly sought-after asset in the competitive job market. As a member of the Bilkent branch, you'll find yourself at the intersection of consulting proficiency and non-profit understanding, a unique vantage point that sets you apart from other graduates. Working with 180DC, you're not just building a robust CV, you're also carving a distinct professional identity. Your experience allows you to stand out to prospective employers, particularly those in the consulting industry. They recognize the valuable, real-world skills honed within 180DC and the comprehensive understanding of the non-profit sector you develop along the way. When you're ready to step into the professional world, this experience will serve as your secret weapon. You'll have proven your capabilities in a challenging, hands-on environment, demonstrating your readiness to take on the complexities of the consulting industry. Through 180DC Bilkent, you're not just preparing for a job – you're paving the way for a successful career.


Social Impact

At 180 Degrees Consulting's Bilkent branch, your work transcends mere assignments and projects – it resonates on a deeper, societal level. Here, you'll see the profound influence of your efforts as you actively contribute to NGOs and startups driving social change. Every strategy crafted, every challenge tackled, and every recommendation made has a direct, measurable impact on these organizations. The significance of your contributions will be felt in the flourishing of a startup, or in the expanded reach of a non-profit. This isn't just rewarding; it's a powerful testament to the difference you can make in the world. Through this experience, you'll not only find motivation, but you might also discover a passion for social impact or non-profit sectors. This realization could guide your career path, steering you towards roles where your skills and efforts contribute to a better, more equitable society. At 180DC Bilkent, you're doing more than building a resume - you're shaping a better world.

Contact details

Universiteler, 06800 Çankaya/Ankara, Türkiye

Latest Case Studies

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Leadership Team

Yahya Mert Akyıldız


Mert Sezer

Vice President

Zeynep Birol

Marketing Director

İnci Nada Gökçen

Recruitment & People Director

Umut Elif Uçar

Legal Director


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