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We are 180 Degrees Consulting at Carnegie Mellon. Whether you are a passionate student considering joining us, a potential client excited about what we offer, or a prospective partner interested in our talent, I want to thank you for visiting our branch page! At Carnegie Mellon, we are a growing organization with our people being our single most valuable asset.

We have over fifty talented members majoring in business, information systems, mathematics, engineering, computer science, social science, and more. Although we have different career aspirations, academic backgrounds, and diverse life experiences, we are all ultimately driven to 180 Degrees Consulting because of our unified passion for social impact.

Benefits to joining this branch



Through our consulting services, we further social good by strategizing innovative solutions for the social sector. We are focused on positive transformation as we work to turn challenges into opportunities and ideas into reality. By leveraging our members' diverse backgrounds and experiences we are committed to delivering high-quality work to our clients and -in turn- their communities.



We strive to become true partners for our clients. We take a co-creation approach to our solution-building as we work alongside them to reach their goals. As a club, we are constantly collaborating with other clubs, 180 DC branches, and companies to learn new skills, redefine practices, and gain more insights into consulting. We know that creativity is best formed with diverse backgrounds where ideas are tested and reformed.



A frequent word used to describe CMU 180 DC is family. This is because we are fostering a tight-knit community that is caring, supportive, and driven by social impact. Outside of projects, you can find us spending time together on and off campus whether that will be our socials, group dinners, or big-little dates. We want to establish relationships that will last a lifetime.


Intellectual curiosity

Our members are driven to learn about new ideas and topics. Through our consulting projects, members are able to make a significant difference, exercise real leadership, gain work experience, and get professional training. We provide all members with training focused on professional development so they can excel. We have sent our social-impact students to launch careers in fields such as consulting, investment banking, sales & trading, product management, and software engineering.

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5000 Forbes Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15213

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Leadership Team

Nisha Fernandes



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