TU Delft and Erasmus University Rotterdam

We are the first multi-city branch of the world’s largest university-based consultancy, and the world’s leading provider of consulting services for non-profits,social enterprises, and socially-minded organizations. “Our mission is to help socially conscious organizations across the globe maximize their social impact through the provision of high-quality strategic and operational advisory services, and in doing so empower international talent from Delft University of Technology and Erasmus University Rotterdam to make a tangible social difference.” We want to close the opportunity gap that forces many social enterprises in The Netherlands and abroad to operate well below their full potential. We strive to provide our socially-minded clients with the same professional, results-oriented, and highly effective consulting services that only larger organizations can afford. Our mission requires exceptional people. We are committed to fostering an environment that will attract, support, and retain consultants who are exceptionally talented and who possess an unwavering commitment to our organization and its purpose. 180 DC Delft-Rotterdam is an inclusive, supportive, and value-driven branch wherein every consultant is encouraged to uphold responsibility, given ample opportunities for professional development, and empowered to do work that will make a true difference in society. After our very first year of services in Delft University of Technology in 2019, we have expanded our operations to Erasmus University Rotterdam, thus becoming the first multi-city branch of 180 Degrees Consulting. We will combine the business hub of Erasmus with the technical expertise of TU Delft, and our unique blend of talented student teams will provide the most excellent consulting services to our clients.

Benefits to joining this branch


Develop sustainable Consulting skills

Get in contact with clients that want to have a sustainable impact and develop solutions tailored to their needs together with a team with a wide range of backgrounds.


Trainigs from established consutling firms

Getting trained by experts and building a network with like-minded people.



Contact details

Leopoldstraat 7A, 3031ST

Latest Case Studies

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Leadership Team

Bartosz Kolodziej


Jerrisa Wayland

Consulting Director

Laura Crossley

Consulting Director

Sriteja Devarakonda

Consulting Director

Routhie Guez

Human Resources Director

Uyen Nguyen

Marketing Director

Paul Kopp

Business Development Director


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