ESSEC Business School

Discover the 180DC branch of ESSEC Business School in Paris, a new driving force for social and environmental impact management consulting! Founded in 2021, we are passionately committed to excellence, positive impact, collaboration, and sustainability, while remaining true to the values and vision of 180DC Global. What sets us apart? First and foremost, our interdisciplinary approach, recruiting diverse profiles that bring a wealth of ideas to approach client projects in an innovative and multidimensional way. Additionally, we value sector-specific expertise by recruiting experienced profiles that provide relevant strategic advice for the specific challenges of our client partners. Sustainable engagement is at the heart of our missions and operations, with the organization of events that adhere to a sustainable charter, and community engagement is also an important value for us, maintaining strong ties with the school and its impact partners. Lastly, we promote excellence and talent development through our mentoring system and promotion opportunities. Join us for inspiring professional growth and a greater impact on the world!

Benefits to joining this branch


Expand your network

Expand your professional network and create meaningful connections through networking opportunities and access mentorship opportunities to receive guidance and insights from experienced professionals.


Develop Leadership Skills

Develop leadership skills through executive board roles or leading consulting projects. Experience personal growth through increased confidence, time management, communication skills, and accountability.


Create a Positive Impact

Deepen your understanding of social entrepreneurship and sustainability by working closely with impact companies and Gain diverse project experience across different industries, sectors, and regions.


Develop a diverse skillset through teamwork & collaboration

Learning concrete consulting skills through your missions can provide you with practical tools and techniques that can be applied in real-world business settings, enhancing your employability and equipping you with valuable problem-solving, analytical, and strategic thinking skills.

Contact details

ESSEC Business School, 3 Av. Bernard Hirsch, 95000 Cergy

Latest Case Studies

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Leadership Team

jad chaiban


Pravin agarwal

Vice President

Louise Cousin

Marketing Director

Rohaan sunil

Events director

Eugene Korzilius

Operations & Recruitment Director

Natacha tcheinwo

Impact Measurment Director

Ananya Manishi

Research Director

Cassandre Defleur

Events Director


No items found.

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