Hansraj College

180 Degrees Consulting, Hansraj is a pioneer in bringing the consulting world to the busy streets of the Delhi University Circuit. 180DC Hansraj is housed at the Hansraj College distinguished for being one of the premier institutes in India. Hansraj College is famous for its illustrious alumni, diverse educational programmes, many extracurricular activities, and modern infrastructure. Founded in 2018, 180DC Hansraj works in tandem with the vision of its parent organisation. Simultaneously, it aims to educate its members and audience with the tools that help them become efficient problem solvers and excel in the profession of their choice.

Benefits to joining this branch


Develop Problem-solving attitude

Besides helping its clients with their issues, 180DC Hansraj aims to inculcate in its members a habit of looking at a problem from as many perspectives as possible. It aims to educate its members on the fact that no problem is unsolvable and fosters healthy discussions for members to gain exposure to the different perspectives that exist around them. Thus, helping them develop a problem-solving attitude.


Fosters Teamwork

All projects or activities undertaken in society are organised so that no member ever has to work alone on a task. The distribution of the tasks is such that all members learn to work in a team full of diverse members that come from different socio-economic backgrounds. The purpose of this is to develop solidarity among them and mould them into responsible citizens that never practice discrimination of any degree.


Develops Communication Skills

180 DC Hansraj realises that communication is key. With poor communication even a foolproof plan is rendered useless. Thus, at 180 DC Hansraj, members not only learn to converse effectively and efficiently but also learn the skill needed to create information-rich PowerPoint slides. This allows them to develop the technical skills needed to thrive in the corporate sector and improves the efficiency with which information is conveyed to a client.


Contact details

Hansraj College, Delhi, India

Latest Case Studies

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Leadership Team

Nikita Mohan


Nishitha Bringi Sridhar

Vice President

Madhav Goel

Director of Strategy and Outreach

Neeraj Agarwal

Client Director

Tanvi Bhanot

Director of Finance and Operations

Pratyush Mengi

Consulting Director


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