Kamala Nehru College

Founded in 2021, 180DC KN is a branch of the world’s largest university based consultancy. With a team of 25+ diligent consultants, we aim to provide the most effective and feasible solutions to our clients. Our goal is to assist socially conscious organizations and clients in reaching their required targets, by means of thorough research, operational feedback, day to day consulting and efficient planning. We envision to establish a diverse, inclusive and socially impactful branch, where all members are motivated to empower the society and uphold the position of an efficient consultant. The team aims to bridge the opportunity gap through potential maximization, clarity in communication and constant feedback mechanisms.

Benefits to joining this branch


Providing consultancy services to non-profit organisations

We aim to bring about a change in the world, and by assisting non profits, we ensure the right actions are taken. Providing solutions that are cost effective and time efficient, we handle the brainstorming and research part, giving organisations a better chance to focus on their core activities.


Affordable consultancy services

Understanding that many non profit organisations cannot afford the services of most established consultancies, we provide our services at a very basic and affordable rate, going pro-bono, to ensure that such non-profits are able to sustain themselves and their work, without worrying about the charges.


Quality Work

With training from mentors and partners who are performing exceptionally in the field of professional consultancy, we provide quality work, making a great difference for our clients. We help organisations reach their full potential by creating a social impact.


Developing a generation of leaders

Giving professional training, networking opportunities and hands on experiences, we are constantly developing leadership qualities in our consultants. Fostering confidence by making genuine social impact, we are creating more women leaders in the field. Meeting like minded people ensures getting engaging work experience to match one's skill set.

Contact details

Kamala Nehru College, H648+9V7, August Kranti Marg, Siri Fort Institutional Area, Siri Fort, New Delhi, Delhi 110049

Latest Case Studies

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Leadership Team

Avishi Chopra

Co-Founding President

Sakshi Kulhari

Co-Founding President

Vanshika Rajan

Co-Founding President

Medhya Raghav

Consulting Director

Meha Mehrotra

Communications and Outreach Director

Namisha Girdhar

Finance Director

Arushi Sharma and Pragya Kapoor

Research Directors

Khushi Bhandari and Jiya Madan

Social Media Directors


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