Lulea University of Technology

180 Degrees Consulting Luleå is a student-led consultancy that operates under the global 180 Degrees Consulting network. The Luleå branch specifically focuses on providing consulting services to clients in the Luleå region, with a particular emphasis on working with local non-profit organizations. Located in the heart of Luleå, the consultancy draws on the expertise and skills of students from Luleå University of Technology, one of Sweden's top-ranked technical universities. The university's strong focus on sustainability and innovation aligns well with 180 Degrees Consulting's values, making it a natural partner for the organization. Through its work, 180 Degrees Consulting Luleå provides valuable real-world experience for its student consultants, as well as delivering high-quality consulting services to its clients. With a focus on making a positive impact on the local community, the consultancy is a valuable resource for businesses and organizations looking to drive positive change in the Luleå region.

Benefits to joining this branch


Social Impact

Get a deeper insight in to the biggest challenges standing in front of modern-day society’s social impact. Experience the joy of following through with a project that to an extent will essentially make the world a greater place.


Work Experience

Get the opportunity to work on real cases where you get the full experience of the consulting profession combined with a broad range of knowledge that will make you an even more attractive asset to a future employer, as well as giving you a head start in to working life


Professional training

Extent your knowledge in tools and communication as well as developing a greater form of solution orientation skills. Make long lasting connections with possible future consultants and gain a tailored experience in what day to day life as a consultant might look like.


International connections

With Norrbotten having the largest share of entrepreneurships ever, being able to graduate with experience from the world’s largest consultancy for non-profits & social enterprises existing in over 35 countries, this will give you a strong brand both where you graduate but also internationally.

Contact details

Universitetsvägen C9, 97187 Luleå

Latest Case Studies

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Leadership Team

Christoffer Alm

Managing Director

Olivia Alm Blylod

HR Director

Gustav Jakula

Marketing Director

Ebba Reinholdt

Partnership Director

Oscar Sjöblad

Event Director

Oscar Lagerqvist

Consultant Director

Moa Hartmann

Client Director

Ellen Pääjärvi

Financial Director


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