Welcome to 180DC SRMIST KTR! Established in 2023, we are the pioneering consulting club of the SRM Institutes across India. Our mission is to revolutionize the social impact landscape with exceptional solutions tailored specifically for non-profit organizations, social enterprises, and other social impact-focused organizations. With a vast campus filled with diverse talent, we are dedicated to boosting their growth and creating lasting change in our community.

Benefits to joining this branch


Hands-on Consulting Experience

Being a part of 180DC SRMIST KTR provides individuals with essential practical experience in the consulting industry. They have the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills to real-world projects, working closely with non-profit organizations, social businesses, and organizations focused on social impact, thereby making a tangible difference.


Professional Development

180DC SRMIST KTR aims to provide its members with opportunities for professional development. Members have access to a wide range of workshops, training sessions, and mentorship programs that not only enhance their consulting abilities, problem-solving skills, and communication techniques but also foster personal growth.


Social Impact and Community Engagement

Being part of 180DC SRMIST KTR means actively contributing to social impact and community engagement. Through your consulting projects, you will play a vital role in helping non-profit organizations and social enterprises achieve their goals, making a positive difference in society. This experience provides a sense of fulfilment and purpose.


Leadership Opportunities

As a member of 180DC SRMIST KTR, you will have the chance to take on leadership roles and responsibilities within the organization. This provides valuable leadership experience, allowing you to develop your managerial and organizational skills while leading teams and driving impactful projects.

Contact details

SRM Institute of Science Technology, KTR, Tamil Nadu, India - 603203

Latest Case Studies

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Leadership Team

G Avinashh


Shashwath Suvarna

Vice President

Sragvi Varanasi

Consulting Director

Sai Kowshik Dhulipala

Client Relations Director

Arnav Saxena

Marketing Director

Aarush Kaushik

Finance Director


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