University of Tokyo

180 Degrees Consulting Tokyo is the pioneering and sole branch in Japan, established in 2012 by University of Tokyo students.

Our mission is to provide non-profits and social enterprises with improved operational efficiency and quality advice in order for them to further advance their social betterment activities.

Our mission extends beyond immediate impact – to cultivate the next generation of social impact leaders. As an only student consultancy in Japan, we uniquely offer volunteer hands on experience and training programs to students.

Initially rooted at the University of Tokyo, our influence has expanded to attract passionate students from leading universities across Japan, united in their dedication to driving positive change and making the world a better place.

Benefits to joining this branch



We provide thorough training program to build core knowledge on consulting. Prior to and during the project, we will have multiple training workshops so that students can master essential skills such as project management, facilitation, and strategic thinking. We also have mentorship program throughout the term where two board members will provide individualized support for achieving personal goals.


Gain Real-World Experience

The experience goes beyond gaining insights, as the hands-on application of skills becomes a fundamental asset that contributes to your personal development.


Network with Like-Minded People

You will have opportunity to work closely together with inspiring non-profits. Also, you can build lasting connection with highly talented and like minded people.


Build Valuable and Transferable Skills

Embark on a journey of skill development, cultivating a wide range of transferable abilities. You'll sharpen teamwork, problem-solving, oral and written communication, creative thinking, stakeholder management, cross-cultural communication, and data analysis skills.

Contact details

Tokyo, Japan

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Leadership Team

Tatsuya Hirano


Hibiki Abe

Vice President

Ayaka Hishikawa

Marketing & Accounting Director

Ruki Ashikaga

Talent Development

Xiao Zhang

Project Director

Mahiro Oida

Global Relations

Kota Furukawa

Marketing Director

Shohei Tada

Global Relations


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