Seaside Scavenge

"Provided expertise and enthusiasm in a field which our organisation lacks the skills in, resulting in a great outcome for our NGO"

The Challenge

Seaside Scavenge, a waterway cleanup charity in Australia, faced significant logistical challenges due to their outdated paper-based data collection system. The manual input of data resulted in long hours of laborious work and increased the possibility of human errors. To overcome this hurdle, the organisation opted for digital transformation of their data collection process.

The Solutions

To replace the traditional paper form with a digital form that integrated seamlessly with their current database through Google Sheets. Additionally, the team created a BOT that automated the manual calculation process, further streamlining the data collection process. The successful implementation of these digital solutions had a significant impact on Seaside Scavenge.

The Impact

$7,591 total benefits, 71.5% time reduced, 194% ROI and lay analytics foundation for dashboard development.

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