Sydney Film Festival

“Consummate professionals, unflappable faced with challenging questions or changing expectations. They communicated complex information very effectively.”

The Challenge

SFF, an organisation that coordinates an annual Cultural Festival, has been facing challenges in managing relationships with its key stakeholders. This issue is mainly due to the lack of integration of current systems used to store and analyse data. To address this concern, SFF has sought the assistance of 180DC to optimise its digital systems.

The Solutions

The proposed solution includes the implementation of a Business Intelligence system that connects existing data sources to a Data Warehouse. This system will allow SFF to gather customer and event insights, which will then be visualised using Tableau. The implementation of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution will also be appended to SFF's existing systems. This solution will enable SFF to continue using Eventival for event management and Ferve for ticketing while integrating a CRM system for all customer relationship activities.

The Impact

SFF saw an increase in flow accuracy, cycle time margin and a strong ROI.

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