“The 180DC team are professionals at their jobs. At first, I thought that young university students would not be able to deliver such solutions. Their report reminds me of the work of ‘The Big 3’ consulting firms!”

The Challenge

UNICEF Australia receives support from corporate firms through their strategic partnerships. The 180DC team was responsible for creating a corporate partnerships outreach plan to assist UNICEF Australia streamline its process of establishing corporate partnerships and increase its social impact. This outreach plan aimed to create a consistent and efficient process that would establish a standardised structure for how partnerships are to be formed.

The Solutions

The project team delivered a report detailing the 4 elements of the proposed partnerships process: identifying prospective partners, making contact, building a pitch and onboarding. Through these 4 elements, the team produced a standardised procedure for identifying and approaching potential partners and a uniform method for managers to negotiate with, onboard and manage partnerships.

The Impact

The team expects to create a tangible impact for the client through a net increase in the number of serious prospective partners within the UNICEF Australia network and a net increase in the number of successful partnerships that generate revenue or other benefits over 3+ years.

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