180DC SBSC: Connect 360 – A Networking Mixer

In an increasingly dynamic world, networking becomes your secret weapon. Networking is not merely about exchanging business cards or making small talk; rather, it is a strategic art form that cultivates relationships, fosters collaboration, and unlocks new opportunities. To carry this idea forward, 180 Degrees Consulting Shaheed Bhagat Singh College (SBSC), University of Delhi presented a platform to ‘Connect, Collaborate and Elevate’ through Connect 360 – A Networking Mixer. 

Under their first annual flagship event, 180 Impact Genesis, 180DC SBSC brought together 12 branches and 40 participants from various consulting clubs and societies in Delhi. The networking mixer was a catalyst for change, igniting conversations and collaborations. 

Connect 360 became an invaluable experience for participants to initiate meaningful conversations and discuss the various initiatives that their branch has undertaken. All branches were shuffled and the participants were given a clue which would lead them to their respective teams. The mixer had 3 main activities: 180DC SBSC’s first-ever Casebook, an informal quiz, and a mini case competition. 

The event began with the launch of 180DC SBSC’s first-ever Casebook. Followed by the first activity, a game called the “Weakest Link”. Teams had to answer various questions related to business, consulting, TV shows, sports, etc. The game was filled with numerous twists including a voting out of one team after every round. The game saw active participation, with continuous discussions, and instilled a sense of collaboration not just among members of each team, but also between teams and among all participants. 

The sense of collaboration was magnified with various alumni of 180DC Shaheed Bhagat Singh College gracing the occasion and offering insights from their experience working at Bain and Company, EY-Pantheon, Deloitte and PwC. 

Moving forward, the participants then participated in an auction where they had to bid on items that would help them survive on a deserted island. The auction was a segway into the case study: “You’re stranded on a deserted island, form a pitch deck with the resources provided to devise an escape or survival strategy”. The participants made extremely innovative strategies for an albeit unconventional problem statement. The strategies were even supported by proper rationale, guesstimates, timelines, planning phases etc.

As the day came to its close, the winners were announced for both activities. While there were only 2 winners out of the 10 teams, all the participants seemed to have taken something along with them from the networking mixer. In the span of a few hours, the participants had embodied the true essence of collaboration, turning awkward small talks into meaningful discussions and friendly banter. 

The principles of 180 Degrees Consulting, to strive for impact with a sense of collaboration and teamwork, were symbolised in its truest form. Connect 360 - Networking Mixer served as an indication of the hard work and commitment of the various 180DC branches to strive for impact and reach greater heights. 

We at the GLT are delighted to see the learnings on networking from this event within our 180DC community in Shaheed Bhagat Singh College and hope that this platform for connecting, collaborating and elevating each other can be replicated across the globe in other regions.

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