Apply to the Future Leaders Program–Become a Social Impact Powerhouse

We are thrilled to open the official application procedure for The Future Leaders Program. The Future Leaders Program is a flagship scholarship project offered by 180 Degrees Consulting in which 18 selected students will undergo a 9 month training to become social impact leaders!  To be eligible, you must be enrolled in university at the time of applying and be between the ages of 18 and 30. Selected applicants will go through online and live workshops, masterclasses and mentorship sessions to equip them with the skills they need to be successful leaders.

With only a 2 hour weekly commitment, candidates will attend 3 academy stages where they will cultivate the necessary skills to excel as social impact entrepreneurs! 

The program will have three stages:

1. Leadership Academy

Aim: Build Confidence and Compassion to enhance your leadership skills

The 18 selected candidates will undergo a 3 month course focused on building positive leadership behaviour and habits with Potentialife. Through a combination of neuroscience, psychology, and technology, Potentialife empowers leaders to enhance their skills, drive organisational performance, and achieve sustainable growth! See more about our partnership with Potentialife here. With only a 2 hour weekly commitment, online discussions and behavioural experiments will be held to help shape participants into influential leaders committed to driving change.

2. Social Impact Academy

Aim: Deepen your understanding of critical social challenges through self-reflection and mentorship

Participants will be assigned a mentor tailored to their interest to help them identify areas where they aspire to make a difference in their future professional endeavors. This stage is a moment for self-discovery and alignment of personal passion with societal needs.

As a part of this module, selected finalists will be able to learn about the process behind creating Forte, an education financing non-profit. They will have a chance to learn about this transformative initiative from Nat Ware, CEO of Forte and Founder of 180 Degrees applying the knowledge to become better social impact entrepreneurs. See more about the partnership with Forte here.

Finalists will be mentored by a professional within the merit-based talent network, NOVA. The mentor will be tailored to their career goals and personal aspirations. Participants will also be nominated to take part in NOVA’s selection process and the winners, if selected, will have exclusive access to all the benefits NOVA offers. See more about the Partnership with NOVA here.

3. Entrepreneurship Academy

Aim: Enhance your ability and readiness to develop, organize and create social impact initiatives

A global-in person meeting will be organized to bring together all participants and create a professional network. The entrepreneurship academy marks the final phase, combining learning and application to bridge participants’ aspirations with real-world impact. The entrepreneurship academy will guide participants in beginning their own social impact journey with a real, tangible project plan to be presented at the meeting.

To apply to this fantastic opportunity, please fill out this form before May 31st.

The application process will include a written application, a 30 minute interview, and a technical task interview.

For questions please reach out to

We look forward to receiving your application!

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Future Leaders

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