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180DC launches refugee initiative as first step in partnership with CSRN

180DC Global Leadership Team

Since August 2023, 180 Degrees Consulting (180DC) is collaborating with CSRN in a new refugee initiative that will provide valuable support to 30 organisations working with refugees in the Middle East and Africa.

Formerly known as the “COVID-19 Student Response Network”, CSRN is a nonprofit organisation founded during the COVID-19 lockdown to connect talented students across the world with social impact organizations affected by COVID-19. At present, CSRN helps leading student consultancies secure and scope high impact consulting projects with organisations driving social impact in crisis zones.

180DC believes that everyone has the right to a safe and sufficient living environment, and it is a committed advocate for the wellbeing and dignity of the world’s most vulnerable populations. Through its refugee initiative with CSRN, 180DC will mobilise its network of branches to deliver high-quality, fully subsidized consulting projects that resolve challenges in home countries and create opportunities in host countries. The refugee initiative can make an especially meaningful impact because according to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the Middle East and North Africa hosted 2.4 million refugees by the end of 2022.

As a result of the refugee initiative, all of CSRN’s crisis response projects will immediately be allocated to 180DC as part of an exclusivity deal. These projects will focus on specific responses for Middle Eastern and African refugees and will join the GLT-sourced projects on monday.com, which are available to 180DC branches. In return, CSRN will gain direct access to 180DC’s global branch network in order to scale up their operations and source even more clients for 180DC.

180DC is starting the refugee initiative with a 30-project pilot to test out the logistics of the partnership with CSRN and after that, the rest of CSRN’s crisis response projects will be ready for 180DC branches to take. Therefore, CSRN will act as 180DC’s crisis response arm by offering 180DC branches greater exposure to humanitarian projects.

With the goal of continuing to work with CSRN in the long run, the refugee initiative brings 180DC one step closer to fulfilling its mission of maximising its capacity to help those who need it the most.

If you are an organisation on any scale supporting refugees in African or Middle Eastern countries, you can book a meeting with our partners at CSRN here or reach out to the Head of Acquisitions at slo@csrn.org.uk.

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