Fostering Inclusion in India: How 180DC SRCC Collaborates with Students, Experts, and the Community

We at the GLT are thrilled to showcase the outstanding accomplishments of the 180 Degrees Consulting Shri Ram College of Commerce (180DC SRCC) and their remarkable initiatives to leave a mark on the non-profit sector in India. This dedicated organization is committed to delivering exceptional consultancy services, primarily focusing on long-term social impact.

The Shri Ram College of Commerce, India (Source: Wikipedia)

The branch’s commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals starts from its team operations. They strive to accommodate a paperless approach (SDG 13), a gender-inclusive leadership team (SDG 5), focus on mental health (SDG 10 and SDG 3), recycling, waste reduction, and ethical practices (SDG 12), sustainable business conduct (SDG 17) with corporate partners, and workshops fostering innovation (SDG 9).

The Sustainable Development Goals (Source: United Nations)

The team’s recent project involves a comprehensive policy analysis of a prominent social organization operating in India. This distinguished organization is dedicated to offering helpline services, online support groups, shelter support, and a network of legal, counseling, and employment resources for marginalized communities. In pursuit of improving their reach, this organization sought the expertise of the 180DC SRCC team. They worked closely with a focus on strategies in growth and expansion, marketing and outreach, volunteer acquisition and retention, fundraising, and updating their current policy framework.

Following extensive client meetings and group discussions, the team presented key policy recommendations to standardize the organization’s operations. Among these recommendations are proposals for a well-balanced meal plan and a disciplinary committee to oversee the welfare of shelter home residents, as well as introducing a more transparent and efficient benefit allocation, training, and communications policy for other stakeholders involved.

“...we initially felt that maybe consultants will not be able to understand the complex nature of the work we do. But the team put in efforts to understand our work in-depth, visit our centers to get in-person experience, and did a thorough analysis of our documents to prepare their final presentations and deliverables. I would highly recommend 180 Degrees Consulting to organizations that are looking to get solutions for complex tasks.”

– Project Client

Notably, 180DC SRCC’s other projects also include senior-citizen healthcare (Care4parents, SDG 3), conducting Delhi’s waste disposal analysis (Project Prabhav, SDG 11), connecting blood donors (Project UBlood, SDG 3), promoting responsible consumption with Kine Sanctuary (SDG 12), and fostering quality education and reducing inequalities through Samarthanam (SDG 4 and SDG 10), among many others. 

The branch had an offline engagement with the project client (above) and a field visit to analyze the present strategies of their client (below).

With a focus on the student community, the 180DC SRCC launched “Case 180,” an annual flagship event noted as one of Asia’s biggest case study competitions, providing students a platform to demonstrate their abilities in problem-solving. To fuel the high interest in the industry, “Case Competition Guide,” also pioneered by the branch, is a comprehensive undergraduate-level guide for case competitions at Delhi University. The guide has garnered over 300,000 impressions and includes 80+ winning-case solutions recognized by prestigious universities such as the Indian Institute of Management and the Indian Institute of Technology.

The branch hosted Knowledge Sharing Sessions on campus

To bridge the gap between university students and the job market, 180DC SRCC has a strong record of hosting events that facilitate networking and knowledge-sharing with industry experts. In this event, over 6,000 students in Delhi can get exposure to esteemed corporations such as Microsoft, Ernst & Young, and Mastercard. The team is excited to host the Shri Ram Consulting Olympiad and Master Class this year to inspire students and introduce them to the consulting and social impact industry.

180DC SRCC has established themselves as a trailblazer in student-run consultancies. Through their consulting projects, they have made a tangible difference in the operations and growth of non-profit organizations and startups, providing refined solutions to real-world challenges.

Here at the Global Leadership Team, we are proud and truly inspired by the outstanding accomplishments of the SRCC branch. Stay tuned for more fantastic stories from our other branches across the globe!

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