Fueling Change toward Greener Seas: Decarbonizing the Shipping Industry through eMethanol

Fueling Change toward Greener Seas: Decarbonizing the Shipping Industry through eMethanol

This article is written by 180 Degrees Consulting Mannheim, one of our branches in the EMEA region. They have done fantastic work by partnering with Carbon Dioxide Solutions (ICODOS) to redefine the shipping industry.

Shipping plays a pivotal role in international trade and transport concurrently contributes significantly to the global emission of greenhouse gasses. The apprehensions surrounding climate and environmental change of shipping are growing; thus, researchers and industry experts are actively seeking innovative solutions to decarbonize this sector.

Given that almost 3% of the world’s human-made human-made greenhouse gas emissions emanate from shipping, the industry must prepare for substantial transformation thorough formulating a decarbonization strategy. The International Maritime Organization (IMO), a United Nations agency responsible for reducing marine and atmospheric pollution by ships, aims to achieve climate neutrality by 2050.

To achieve this goal, shifting from heavy oil as the primary fuel for shipping is essential. An alternative solution is eMethanol, generated by combining hydrogen with Carbon Dioxide (CO2). To utilize CO2, it must first be captured using the Carbon Capture and Storage (CSS) method before being further employed in eMethanol production. This approach aims to create a circular CO2 economy, where emitted CO2 can be used again to produce eMethanol.

In the last semester, 180 DC Mannheim had the opportunity to work together with Carbon Dioxide Solutions (ICODOS), a start-up dedicated to producing eMethanol and working towards the decarbonization of the shipping industry to reduce greenhouse gas emissions significantly.

“ICODOS has re-imagined the e-methanol production process, achieving significantly cheaper cost and more flexible production“  (icodos.com)

The collaboration with ICODOS has been transformative for us, providing a unique opportunity to contribute to the shipping industry's decarbonization. Through this partnership, we delved into the complex landscape of sustainable energy, gaining valuable insights into its challenges and opportunities.

Our analysis of market competitors yielded concrete insights, offering ICODOS strategic perspectives crucial for their planning. Beyond mere analysis, our active involvement included participating in the search for a suitable production site through a comprehensive location analysis. This hands-on engagement benefited ICODOS and enhanced our team's understanding of the intricacies involved in establishing a sustainable energy startup.

The project sparked a deeper appreciation for the broader implications of our work, underscoring the importance of sustainable practices in addressing global challenges. The experience expanded our knowledge of the eMethanol sector, shedding light on the intricate dynamics of sustainable energy production and its pivotal role in reshaping the shipping industry.

As we celebrate the success of our collaboration with ICODOS, we eagerly anticipate continuing our journey together in the forthcoming semester. This partnership has not only propelled ICODOS toward its goal of providing an environmentally friendly fuel for the shipping industry. Still, it has also empowered 180 DC Mannheim with a wealth of experience and a heightened commitment to positively impacting the world.

The collaboration between 180DC Mannheim and ICODOS is just one example of the numerous projects where 180DC actively promotes environmental and social change.

Curious to explore more about 180DC's impactful projects and the exciting opportunities we offer both students and organizations? Stay engaged with us through our website and social media channels for the latest updates and inspiring stories!

Written by: 180 Degrees Consulting Mannheim

Edited by: 180 Degrees Global Leadership Team

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