Unforgettable Stories: Consultants Reflect on Their Most Memorable Moments Volunteering at 180DC

According to a recent survey, the average consultant works about 50-hour workweeks, with 62.7% of them experiencing burnout, which is a 4.3% increase compared to the previous year1. This concerning trend pushes the need for life outside corporate consulting while still making good use of their invaluable expertise. Volunteering for a non-profit organisationlike 180 Degrees Consulting (180DC), consultants from Deloitte, Accenture, Apriori Consultants, and many more can rediscover their sense of fulfilment.

“I joined 180DC UniMelb in Semester 2 of 2021 as a Project Consultant! My biggest motivating factor in joining was meeting new people and delivering social impact - having been involved in working with various nonprofits prior to 180, I found it a natural next step to my volunteering ventures. Juggling my time between work at Accenture and 180 GLT hasn't been easy - I tend to dedicate around at least 1 hour each night to working on 180 as part of my routine. The best memories from my uni days are definitely linked to 180 - from cramming final presentations to hosting the first ever branch retreat, my time at 180 will forever be a highlight.”

– Nathan Wu, Analyst at Accenture, Volunteering as an APAC Operations Specialist at 180DC GLT

By volunteering, consultants can broaden their expertise for a meaningful cause while still having time flexibility. This shift allows them to work on initiatives that align with their values and principles, reigniting their passion for making a difference and achieving satisfaction beyond numbers. When asked about their most fulfilling moments, Veronika shared how she made a difference in her home country.

“It was when our branch was approved as part of the 180DC network. Growing up in Indonesia, I’ve witnessed social and economic disparities as pressing issues in my community. Seeing needs to address them, and as I have been helped so much through scholarships to fund my education overseas, I feel called to help in return by being a 180DC founder and president at my home university. That's why in July 2020, I decided to go back to Indonesia and started the application process of founding a branch. It was a rigorous process from submitting an application, having the interview, and submitting the branch proposal - but it was all worth it. It has been a wonderful journey from being a 180DC branch founder to becoming a Global Growth Lead at GLT. I look forward continuing to create moment that matters for all prospective 180DC founders out there”

– Veronika Xaveria, Analyst at Deloitte Consulting, Volunteering as a Global Growth Lead at 180DC GLT

Volunteering in organisations can be a life-changing experience for consultants looking to expand their professional journey by finding renewed inspiration. It revitalises one’s sense of purpose, empowers one to create an impact, and redefines the boundaries of consulting. As previously mentioned by Nathan as well, Ashutosh highlights the people they met as unforgettable moments.

“The first dinner at the in-person GLT Summit in Istanbul, Turkey, last year in 2022. It felt like a nice way to celebrate all of us who were associated with the GLT, and the closeness we felt around each other–while meeting in-person for the first time–despite working 100% virtually at the GLT.”

– Ashutosh Vashist, Analyst at APriori Consultants and ex-KPMG, Volunteering as a Global Learning & Development Lead at 180DC GLT

From collaborating with people across the globe to witnessing true impact, these experiences have left an indelible mark. As these consultants continue their professional paths, they carry these invaluable lessons and treasured memories from 180DC that will drive them to create lasting impacts wherever their careers take them. We are reminded of the incredible potential for growth, fulfilment, and meaningful change that lies within volunteering at 180DC through these personal stories.

Are you looking for a deeper sense of meaning in your professional journey? 

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1. https://reclaim.ai/blog/burnout-trends-report

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